Home is where the clutter is

I recently saw a photo on a friend’s facebook page; his beautiful ornate fireplace was surrounded by a big ugly cage, aka a fire guard! I could relate to this…

Thanks to my kids I hate my house. This is the same house that we bought eight years ago and spent every penny we had (and didn’t have) buying.  And then every penny after that lovingly ‘doing it up’. Weekends of stripping wallpaper, painting and DIY. Oh the joys – not! But we were creating our beautiful home, our nest, our future. We were so excited.

And then the future happened! We got married, we had kids. It’s been a very happy, busy and bleary eyed time. Anyone who has small kids knows exactly what I mean. But alas my house has gone from a haven to a horror. I now share my kitchen with a bike, a buggy and a miniature kitchen.  And clutter, clutter galore. Storage? What storage?

It’s an obstacle course where you choose your steps carefully to make it through unscathed. Tripping over and walking into things has become a way of life for me. The stair gate is the bane of my life. The once trendy decor and matching furnishings are buried beneath toys, seats, monitors and all the paraphernalia that comes with kids. The floors are sticky, the walls are graffiti’d, and there are crumbs everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So every night when they go to bed, we tidy up….stacking the toys in the ever expanding ‘corner’, putting things in piles (it looks neat but doesn’t last), baby wiping up the stickiness, picking up crusts and if energy or interest allows, a quick run around with the hoover.

And that’s it – we relax on the almost clean couch for a quick episode of Criminal Minds before bedtime and we’ll do it all over again tomorrow. So yes I hate my house but am presuming that will pass as they get older and a lick of paint doesn’t seem like a futile task. Or maybe we’ll sell up and leave it all behind, oh hang on…….. I hear negative equity coming a knocking!

I’m still happy mind you, I’ve a healthy and loving family so what’s a bit of clutter – eh?

Points to note:

  • On the upside: By pure luck we had invested in a leather couch, an absolute must with kids.
  • Not so clever: We turned our pokey little bathroom into a cool shower room, a no no when you have small kids – you NEED a bath.
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