Life begins at… ??

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for your life to begin? Waiting for something to change so that you can start living? Maybe it’s human nature, never to be completely content. Always striving for something more, something better. And maybe it’s different things for different people, some people strive for wealth, some strive for fame, some for more family time, some for the basics. Whatever it is, are we all striving? or is it just me?

Recently, a friend of mine wrote an article about ‘Upping Sticks’, moving from the big smoke to the country for a better quality of life. She talked about having more time, not just an extra hour here and there, “a third place, another life” that didn’t exist while battling the rat race, that place had been reserved for the commute.

I read the article and was totally and completely envious. I was jealous when I read that for the first time in years they made it to the end of the month without taking a huge big chunk out of the overdraft or running the credit card up to the max. Working to make ends meet isn’t something that happens in my house. It’s more like working to make ends as close to each other as possible. Sometimes, the ends can sense each other… so close… almost there, but more often than not it’s, yet so far away.

I am happy of course, but not always content. When I met my husband, I had that sense of contentment. We bought a house and shared it with my beautiful daughter, ahhh lovely, oh soooo content. Then we added some little ones to the mix and the house seemed to shrink, my big daughter left for college in the country. And I was sure I would follow shortly…

So why haven’t I made this happen? There always seems to be a barrier. Maybe I’m the barrier, maybe I can’t really imagine it and therefore can’t make it happen… or more likely I’m spending too much time imagining and not enough doing!!

And now while recession has reared it’s ugly head and left me with a house I can’t afford to sell or even rent. I do what I do best. I give myself a different project in my quest to improve my life. Kitchen revamp it is. How about some storage to hide away the clutter than has me so demented in my blog ‘Home is where the clutter is’?

What is it they say? A cluttered house is the sign of a cluttered mind. No word of a lie there. So watch this space, will my uncluttered kitchen give me a sense of contentment or will my uncluttered mind allow me to make the changes I seem to long for?

Does life being at…. 37?

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3 Responses to Life begins at… ??

  1. Ali oates says:

    Its so true Kc that we are all always waiting. .. waiting for what, I wonder. Its hard to be content yet we have so much. I finally got my dream and live in a house that I love with a husband that I love and a gorgeous yet very demanding (never imagined) child. I have it all!!!!! but somehow I want a good job that I like to go to. My husband is now unemployed , again ( never imagined) and times are tough financially… BUT we are all still healthy. We can wait and wait and wait but ya know what we are best to just live, live now for the moment cause you just never know..!
    Im trying my best to do this but its easier written than done as tomorrow I will wake up and WAIT!, wait to see if Joe gets a call about a job, wait to see if the lotto we did comes up trumps, wait to see whats in the post box, ya never know one day it will not be a bill!
    So for now we must just get on with things, part of living is the waiting and wondering whats next. 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    haha, thats so true , that was my new years resolution aka revolution, NO more waiting for everything to happen, enjoy the now, stop planning, stop waiting,

  3. Paula says:

    So that worked out!!

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