Dishwasher Friendly

Or unfriendly as the case may be!

There’s no place like home. You get back into your bed after a few long awaited days away and you always think, ‘it’s great to be back in my own bed’. Funny really given that you probably longed for that time away.

But the truth is we just love our own place and our own ways of doing things. Staying somewhere else just isn’t the same. There’s no place like home after all!

It’s the simple things, or what you thought was simple… like loading a dishwasher. Do you ever find yourself in a friend’s house for dinner and try to help with the cleaning up afterwards. You start loading the dishwasher and you notice they’re coming along after you ‘fixing’ things. There’s a way to do it, there’s ‘their’ way to do it, and you’re never really sure what to do as the rules change depending on whose house you’re in.

Who knew there was dishwasher etiquette? Mundane maybe but clearly important!

Some people wash the dishes before they go in?! Some people throw the whole lot in. Sometimes the pots go in, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the plastics go in, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the plates go at the front, sometimes the back. Sometimes the knives face down, sometimes the forks face up. Sometimes…. it’s better to leave the cleaning up to the host.

So feel free to invite me to yours anytime, I’m very Dishwasher Friendly 🙂

Points to note

  • If truth be told this actually happens in my own house. My hubby has his ‘dishwasher way’ too. Great excuse to let him at it. Dishwasher Friendly – that’s me.
  • And I’m pretty sure that nobody puts their dog in there… (borrowed image)
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